Company Presantation

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Heavy Production Capacity: 2300 MT per Year (IN MICROFUSION CAST ALLOYS = 1000 MT per Year & IN ICEBURG TECHNOCAST PRIVATE LIMITED = 1300 MT per Year).
  • Maximum Size to be Produce in Investment Casting: 500mm (L) X 450mm (W) X 450mm (H)
  • Capable to produce casting Weight Range few grams to 120 Kilograms per piece.
  • Supply product with duly machined & Semi Assembly or fully assemble condition.(Ready for fitment).
  • Catering both FERROUS & NON-FERROUS Castings as per various specifications like IS, BS, ASTM, DIN, JIS, GOST and other International Standard Specifications.

Some of the general alloys that we handle regularly are listed below.

Austenitic Stainless Steel:- CF8 , CF8M (1.4408) , CF3 , CF3M (1.4409), CF8C, CK-20, CN-7M (Alloy 20)

Duplex Stainless Steel:- CD-4MCu, CD-4MCuN, CD3MCuN, CE3MN, CD3MN.

PH Stainless Steel:- CB7Cu-1(17-4PH), CB7Cu-2(15-5PH).

Super Alloys:- CW12MW, CX2M, CW2M, N7M, Cu5MCuC, CW6MC,

Cobalt Base Alloys:- STELLITE-6, STELLITE-3,

Nickel Copper Alloys:- Monel K-400, Monel K-500.

Carbon Steel:- WCA, WCB (1.0619), WCC, LCA, LCB, LCC , EN-8, EN-9, EN-36,

Martensitic Stainless Steel:- CA-15 (SS410) , CA-40 (SS440), SS440C.

Non Ferrous:- Copper Base Alloys (LTB-1, LTB-2, 85/5/5/5)

Aluminum Base Alloys ( LM-4, LM-6, LM-9, LM-25)